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About Us

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Levo Sports will be working towards improving the physical fitness of children. The company team includes experienced sports, fitness coaches and business professionals.

Levo Sports

Vision/Mission Statement

Vision: To be an Organization of excellence that encourages and enables students from all backgrounds to reach their full potential in sports and lead a healthy life

Mission: Levo Sports mission is to promote a lifelong enjoyment of sports by providing excellent sports infrastructure, facilities and coaching.

Our Team

Levo Sports is formed by people with passion for sports to serve students and the broader community.

  • Management Team
  • Coaching Team
  • Advisors


Levo Sports

Player of the month

Player of the month Gowtham(U14 Winner and U16 Winner)
Mithravindha(U12 Winner and U10 Runner up)
Levo Sports Rising Stars, November 2021.

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Our Sponsors
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